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Drug Buyer Busted After Stuffing Potatoes into Hotel Bathtub

James Johnson, 30, walked out of a courtroom without a prison sentence after police in Eastleigh had arrested him for possessing 2CB and 5-MAPB during a “bizarre” five-day binge that involved women’s clothing and a bathtub filled with potatoes. During the hearing at Southampton Crown Court, Judge Peter Henry described the man’s case as “bizarre.” If nothing else, this case may have involved more raw potatoes than any darknet case covered by DeepDotWeb.

The saga, according to Johnson, began with some darknet drug purchases. Although only ecstasy, 2CB, 5-MAPB, and marijuana received a mention, the police reportedly discovered an even larger “assortment” of psychoactive substances during Johnson’s arrest and the subsequent raid at his house. He had purchased the drugs on the darknet for a special occasion. A one-day binge with two close friends. The trio met in Johnson’s hometown and settled in at the Travelodge in Eastleigh for their night of otherworldly experiences.

At some point, the one-day binge became a five-day binge and Johnson—according to descriptions from witnesses and law enforcement officers—may have truly lost touch with reality on that fifth day. A combination of sleep deprivation, ecstasy’s intense hangovers, the amphetamine-like strain caused by substituted phenethylamines could easily send someone into a temporary state of psychosis. And by all accounts, Johnson entered that state; not necessarily due to his behavior, but because he had quit his mental health medication prior to the reunion.

Many medications for mental health concerns such as depression or bipolar block or lessen the effects of psychedelic substances. In the defense for certain behaviors, Unyime Davies told the court that Johnson had likely slipped up and binged due to the lack of the “much-needed” medication. The court understood. Johnson’s final day binging certainly left a host of people confused and without words. James Kellam, the prosecutor, explained what had happened—from the perspectives of officers at the Travelodge.

Someone at the Travelodge had phoned the police after the smell of marijuana smoke had finally penetrated every wall near the trio’s room. The police, nearly at the Travelodge, spotted a man walking—fully clothed—with a woman’s bra over his shirt and a sack of potatoes slung over shoulder. The prosecutor informed the court that the oddly placed article of women’s clothing and bag of potatoes may have “led officers to believe that [Johnson] was intoxicated.”

They arrested the man and entered the smoke-filled room where he had been staying. The officers likely expected to find drugs in the room. And, of course, officers did find drugs in the room. A stash of all the drugs they had ingested. Something in the room, though, likely caught the officers by surprise. Someone the police never identified had filled the bathtub with potatoes. The police likely had a suspect. Johnson never admitted filling the tub with potatoes either.

After a search of Johnson’s house, though, the authorities charged Johnson with possession with intent to supply. They found roughly $1,000 in various substituted phenethylamine psychedelics. He immediately pleaded guilty. Not long after he copped to the possession with intent charge, the police tested the drugs. The vendor that sold Johnson the drugs, in another odd twist, had scammed Johnson. The majority of the drugs had no active ingredients. Others were dosed far weaker than advertised. The updated calculation dropped the value of the drugs down to roughly $450.

Judge Peter Henry, in light of the news, issued only an 18-month community order and nine-months of rehabilitation. He described the binge as “bizarre” and “potentially dangerous.” The judge followed up with a sensible question: he asked why Johnson and his friends had even attempted the binge. In response, Johnson said that “it felt like the right thing to do at the time.”



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